Who can become a Member?

Those who have attained the age of 18 and above,and who has a desire to do social service...

What are Primary and General Membership?

A Primary Member is the one who is desirous of getting associated with the Organisation by paying a very very ...

Who are Active and Sr. Active Members?

The Active and Sr. Active Members are those who are desirous of participating in all the activities of the organisation...

Who are Life Members?

Life Members are those who are enrolled after the receipt of requisite admission fee and subscription at a time...

Who are Founder Members?

Founder Members are those whose names have been listed in the Organisation at the time of formation of Organisation...

General Body

The Annual General Body meeting shall be called in the month of March (or as and when the Governing Body will decide in the Governing Body meeting called for this purpose) every year.

Not less than 15 days clear notice shall be given to the members before the date of General Body meeting, , time, place and the general nature of Business to be discussed at such meeting.

Rights & Privileges
All and every Member of the Society shall

1. have one vote at every meeting. However, Primary and General Members shall not have the voting right;

2. be entitled to participate in the meetings, cultural or / and educational functions and other lawful gatherings, called / arranged by the society;

3. have right to collect the identity card after depositing the required / prescribed fee (fixed by the Governing Body)